About Us

BlackBox Media are the people behind the 'We Love Quiz' App which is currently taking the UK by storm.

The team have been working on quizzes for years including the phenomenally successful 'National Quiz' which saw venues across the UK participate in weekly heats and ended with a final quiz in London where one lucky team won £10,000!

Since then the team have been working away at making the National Quiz completely app based. They've had thousands of downloads of the app and have seen people playing in thier homes from all over the UK. The quizzes are not just general knowledge either, they regularly play theme quizzes such as Friends, Disney and the extremely popular Music quizzes!

There are currently hundreds of live streamed quizzes on YouTube channels etc but the beauty of the BlackBox Media app's is that they are 'All in One'... The host is included and no live streaming is needed. One App is all you need! Just open the app, wait for the start time and play with the built in host announcing questions as well as them appearing on screen, the whole family can get involved and don't forget your also saving on the costly fee of a host in your venue.

Why not let BlackBox Media create a quiz app for your brand?

We can conceive, test and deliver your brand specific quiz ready for your business in days.

We're already working with some of the UK's premier entertainment industry companies such as The Stonegate Pub Company delivering app based quizzes to hundreds of thier venues weekly. Entertaining, engaging and helping thier customers spend more time in thier pubs.

Within the entertainment industry quizzes have always been great way to engage your customers and in the wake of the Coronavirus and the 'new normal' pubs and bars are trying to create a safe, yet enjoyable environment and if a socially distant quiz on an app can help you get your business back on track, then we would love to help.

For more information about our products or just to chat about ideas, click on the Contact Us page.